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Skraabapbap Assortment


Skraabapbap is the sound the fireworks make when it's rapidly firing! Check out this great assortment of crowd-pleasers. A mixture of great duration, large effects, big sounds and lots of great colours!

Noise Makers
Vulcan Whistle Bomb x 4, Floral Bombshell 4 pk, Screecheroo
70 Shot Mosaic, Illuminator, Hellfire
Royalist x 2, Silver Shrapnel, Gold Fish, Sub Zero, White Strobe x 2, Emerald Comet, Air Colour Bomb x 2, Air Raid
Roman Candles
13 Ball Roman Candle, 10 Ball Roman Candle, 5 Ball Roman Candle
Specialty Bombettes
African Lion
Splat!, Molten Fury, Night Assault, Pharoah's Demise, Grape Soda, Take Off Eh!, Symphonic, Stargazer, Gold Dust, Galactic, T.G.I Pyro, Bombastic, Night Magic