Mystical Fireworks Assortments Bunch of Bangs Assortment

Bunch of Bangs Assortment


Bunch of Bangs is loud and made of a great assortment with great booming noise makers, ground spinners, fountains, roman candles and multi-shot cakes!
Great value with a combination of noise and effects!
Noise Makers
Air Bomb x 4, Dragon Bombs (1 Pack), Crackling Peony Pack, Glitter Pack, Peony Pack, 25 Shot Missile Battery, Not Bottle Rockets, Mystical Shotgun Shell x 4
Ground Spinners
Crackle Jacks (1 Pack)Jumbo Ground Bloom Flower (1 Pack)
Cherry Blaster, Illuminator, Hellfire, Emerald Forest 
Specialty Bombettes
Screaming Banshee, African Lion, Multicolour Stargun, Banger Plus 
Candy Crackle
Roman Candles
5 Ball Roman Candle x 4
Red Alert x 2, Mini Menace, Grave Digger, Pharoah's Demise, Aurora, Grape Soda x 2, No Mercy, Take Off Eh!, Symphonic, Stargazer, Gold Dust, Galactic, Patriot, Erupting Comets, Hot Shot, Hot Tamali, Mean Machine, T.G.I Pyro

Items may be substituted for equal or greater value.